Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Robots: Evolution of a Cultural Icon

Oh boy oh boy oh boy robots and art! Two of my favorite things! I've been telling myself since I saw this exhibit was coming to BAM that I had to see it. I finally saw it a couple weeks ago, and it actually lived up to my grand expectations for it. Lots of cool fine art and multimedia stuff, plus some actual robots from local FIRST Robotics Competition teams. This is a sketch of part of Michael Mew's "Robot 4," and it actually combines three of my favorite things: art, robots and comic book characters. I recognized the guy on the right as a Marvel superhero from the Avengers who was married to Scarlet Witch. (Apparently his name is The Vision. Thank you, Wikipedia.)

This exhibit closes on Sunday, May 16, so if you like robots and art as much as I do and you haven't seen it yet, you'd better high-tail it down to Boise Art Museum.

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