Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Internet is for ██████████

Hi, loyal readers. I have to tell you something -- I'm a little worried.

I'm worried about the Internet.

Yes, I'm worried about this marvelous kingdom, this world where lolcats and keyboard cats and nyan cats reign supreme. You see, there's this bill called SOPA, the Stop Online Piracy Act. It gives an enormous amount of control to major content providers, who would be able to have sites shut down without due process to determine if the Fair Use Act applies. It could institutionalize censorship and introduce security flaws to the World Wide Web. The original bill even mucks about in the DNS, requiring ISPs to redirect traffic from sites that are deemed piracy havens. It's been watered down a bit since then, but that's cold comfort. What's worse, really, is the example we'd be setting to the rest of the world -- that it's okay to censor the Internet based on business interests or political interests. China anyone? Iran? That's what we'd be reinforcing with this bill. We need a free Web.

SOPA must die so the Internet can live.

█████ ████ ████ for the ██████████,
and I ████'t █████ out ███████ I ████'t a █████████.

████ ████ ████ for the █████ █████████,
and I ████'t █████ out ███████ I ████'t a █████ ████████.

████ ████ ████ for the ████,
and I ████'t █████ out ███████ I ████'t a Jew.

████ ████ ████ for me
and █████ was no one ████ to █████ out for me.

Uncensor This