Thursday, April 29, 2010


Stage Coach Theatre's production of Panache is an inventive, heartwarming romantic comedy between two unlikely characters: socialite Kathleen Trafalgar and Brooklyn diner cook and artist Harry Baldwin.

The show was filled with fantastic performances. Jodi Nelson Deerfield was delightful as the perfectly polished Kathleen and brought a lot of humor through her poor attempts to relate to the lower classes by talking about the time she roughed it at a Holiday Inn. Randy Lord did an excellent job portraying Harry as he tries and sometimes fails to wrestle his inner demons and come to grips with the losses in his life. The two achieve a real believable romantic connection onstage. Liam Tain was very funny as Jumbo Dombroski. Bradley Campbell had an infectious enthusiasm as Irwin Alcott, an old college friend Harry set up on a date. And Robina Bant was sweet as Laura Baldwin.

The show has excellent acting a great script -- not at all a cliche romantic comedy. It closes this weekend, but if you see it, you're in for a treat.

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