Friday, October 10, 2008

Paste Eater and Erin Ruiz at Visual Arts Collective

The artist behind the red cat balloon I've done my best to capture here goes by the name "Paste Eater." I kid you not. This fantastical piece was one of his two most prominent paintings at the Visual Arts Collective (I assume it's a he -- not that the act of paste-eating is gender-specific). The other, a huge square painting with two separate skinny panels at the sides continuing the picture, depicted a huge black mass of warped houses with fiery windows and doors, and little white cartoony ghost houses rising from the hellish mass -- some with halos and wings, and others reminiscent of Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde. You can see a small snippet of the painting on the right here. My boyfriend thought it was the perfect depiction of the housing crisis. I'm inclined to agree.
The other artist at VAC is Erin Ruiz, whose cartoons are primarily waist- or neck-down views of scrawny-legged people hovering in the air, or being flown by birds or an umbrella. Like Paste Eater's art, it's delightfully whimsical. The gaunt flying figures are a perfect counterpoint to some of her other works on display -- roly-poly nudes of enormous girth. One picture of a rotund naked woman had a small clam shell at the bottom of the page, in what may have been a parody of Botticelli.

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