Saturday, October 11, 2008

Open Studios Weekend

A couple weeks ago I decided to visit a few local artists in their studios for BOSCO, the Boise Open Studios Collective Organization. I went to the opening reception that Thursday in the Idaho State Historical Museum, where they had a sample of each artists' work so you could get an idea of what you might see if you went to their studio. I sketched a few of the pieces there and picked out a few places to go to on Saturday, where I did a few more sketches. I think for the most part I'll just post my drawings here and avoid too much comment:

"Winds of Warm Latitudes," one of a series of lithograph-type pictures by Sandy Marostica, many of which used old astrological symbols and the like.

This is one of the thousands of paintings in Tarmo Watia's house. Marostica recommended we go to his house, and I'm really glad we followed her recommendation. I'd recommend anyone go see his work during BOSCO next year. His house is filled to the brim with art.

Edit: Since this was first posted, I accidentally deleted a couple of the files from this when I was cleaning up my folders on Google+, so sketches I originally had here of a sculpture by Zella Bardsley and a shadow box by Marostica are gone. They weren't my best work, anyhow.

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vesperstar said...

I love your sketch of the third one. Beautiful.