Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ben Wilson at Visual Arts Collective

I love Ben Wilson's art. His comic style is fantastic. His stuff appears on Boise Weekly covers a lot, and I've seen it a few times at the Basement Gallery, but this is the first time I've taken a stab at sketching one. This one was up at the Visual Arts Collective, and the boy in the costume reminded me vaguely of Max from Where the Wild Things Are. Granted, it's more of a pink fox costume, and the boy in the costume appears to be aiding some smaller creatures in green squirrel costumes while being menaced by a puppet, instead of terrorizing monsters far larger than himself. Wilson's inking style is a lot more spare than Maurice Sendak's, and it's one of the things that makes his art so recognizable. (I wish that came out better in my drawing; I think my original black and white pencil drawing captured it fairly well, but when I added the color it overwhelmed those lines.) And Wilson seems to favor elongated faces out of proportion with the rest of the body he's drawing, again unlike Sendak. But this picture nonetheless reminded me of that book for some reason, which is why a) I sketched it, and b) I feel totally justified in linking to the trailer for the Where the Wild Things Are movie coming out this October. Not sure how you stretch a story that short into a feature length film, but I guess we'll know then.

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