Friday, May 15, 2009

Brian McGuffey

Last week for First Thursday I took my sketchbook down to the Modern Hotel, which was hosting visual and performance artists in a number of its rooms and even having people paint murals on the exterior walls. Brian McGuffey had a room there with a number of pieces like this one (I think another was of a bighorn sheep wearing a dress and skipping rope) and also several very nice shadow box-type things with cattails and the like. Brian was so excited by the fact that I was sketching his pink giraffe that he gave me his address and asked me to send him the original once I was done scanning it in for the blog. (He said he has a place where he keeps a lot of kids' drawings that inspire him and that he'd put it with those.) He promised to send me something back. I am excited to see what it is! I will be sure to tell you all.

I'll post more sketches from my visit to the Modern next week.

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