Thursday, May 21, 2009

Artist blogs

I've been meaning to call attention to Luma Jasim, one of the bloggers for The Grip, Boise Weekly's new blog by and about refugees from around the world who have settled in Boise. Jasim is a graphic artist originally from Baghdad. She says she will be illustrating her blog posts. Her first post, The Mesopotamian Treasure Valley, includes a striking piece called Lonely Soul.

I'm curious whether there are other visual artists in the Treasure Valley who post art on their blogs. I know there's David R. Day's BoiSee photo blog. And there's photographer Thomas Lea's blog Boise Style. But I really wish I knew of more. If you know of a local artist who puts art on their blog, drop the link in the comments section. Thanks!

Update: We've also got Blue Planet Photography, by Mike Shipman.
Update 2: Just remembered my friend Zach Hagadone's moderately clever cartoon art.

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