Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Lisk Gallery

Last First Thursday I went to the Lisk Gallery since I hadn't been in for a while. Mostly, it was a good chance to refresh my memory.

Mark Lisk has some wonderful, warm color photos of sunsets over mountains and swirling waters, as well as some stunning black-and-whites of curving grasses and frothing waterfalls. One of my favorite pieces was The Subway, a photo of a subterranean channel cut by water, with greenish pools and dramatic swoops of reddish purple rock. The photos are crisp where they need to be, soft where they need to be.

I like the shapes of Jerri Lisk's brushed steel "canvases" almost as much as the pictures on them -- long, narrow rectangles and tiny squares. She uses simple shapes to evoke trees -- curving branches, knotty trunks and rounded evergreen cones -- and fiery reds, deep blues and cool greens. I like the pieces' stark shadows and echoing shapes.

Sadly, it's a static gallery. I feel like I've seen most of these pieces before -- and I know I've seen some of them before. It'll probably be a while until I go back again.

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