Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New kids on the block: Black Linen and Green Chutes

A couple new arts organizations have recently started up in Boise. One is Black Linen Productions, a theater company making its debut production, Closer (a Patrick Marburg black comedy about sexual politics and partner-swapping) in the Linen Building at 1402 Grove St. They're only staging it for three nights, and the last night is tomorrow at 7, so if you want to check it out, that's your last chance.

The second is Green Chutes artist co-op and gallery in the Collister Shopping Center at State Street and Collister. I went to the grand opening last Friday and did a couple sketches:

Green Couple, by Sheila K. Carney.

Dancer in Red, by L. Collins.

Green Chutes is a fantastic space. There are several corrugated shipping containers throughout the building with pictures hung inside. The art there is very eclectic. I was impressed by Carney's use of bold shape and color, and the dramatic pose and silhouette work in Collins' piece, along with some of the photography by Jim Boudan (? I can't quite make out the spelling) and Matthieu Duquette.

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