Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Annie, Jr.

I apologize for the sporadic posting of late. One reason for that is that I'm taking a five-week summer class at BSU. Another is that I'm broke (although that shouldn't stop me from going to a few free galleries, and I will try to get back to doing that).

But the third reason is that I'm stage managing Annie, Jr., the annual Boise Parks and Rec/Boise Little Theater children's musical. We open July 23. It's been an incredibly demanding schedule -- rehearsals six days a week, and set construction on the seventh (hence the sporadic posting). At this point in the rehearsal process, some stuff still needs a little work, but overall, I'm impressed with the dedication these kids have put into the show -- especially our orphans (including Annie). They've probably put in more rehearsal hours than anyone else. We have given them some very challenging dance numbers, but they haven't flinched, and they never threw in the towel. They just kept working them till they got them, and their routines are looking great. Our director, Allison Remley, has told the kids she wants to do more than just a cute kids' show -- she wants to knock the audience's socks off. It'll take a little more work to get the whole show to that point, but we've got time yet and I think we can do it. I'm optimistic that this will be a show I can be really proud of.

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