Monday, April 27, 2009

Dragging from a Cigarette

I honestly don't know if this is still in the Basement Gallery or not; I sketched it a couple of First Thursdays ago and I've just been slow about putting it up. But it's still a cool picture, so I wanted to get it up. It's called Dragging from a Cigarette, by David Colcord and Tomas Montano (together they go by rail v. y tomas). There's two things that you can't tell from my picture, though. One is that in the upper right corner, there is an old-fashioned brassy door handle affixed to the canvas. The other is that there's a poem written in the orange field in the right-hand side. (My handwriting is really crappy, so I didn't attempt that on the drawing.) It goes as follows:

and nodding her head
in self-reassurance
she tries to convince me
of the omnipresence
of angels
how they are always there
but can't be seen.
She doesn't look
like a smoker
and not quite
like the angels
I've imagined,
but I've inhaled her whiskey smoke
on hundred times
and have been
by her image
in restless sleep
many more times
than I deserve.

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